Monday, June 7, 2010

Where is the hope

I am sick for couple of days.. tomorrow night shift but i am feeling better, my poker already KOs with nothing left for me to play..dam poker.
Call up logistic if they can deploy to translaner tomorrow at noon. OOO today call back my office whether if anyone drop by... good news is very good new still have two days to go .

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Year.. New hope

New Year... new hope?.. what are hoping for is fresh start all over again. Leaving all good and bad that had past upon me. looking forward ahead what shall i do to achieve my new goals..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What have i done !

Yesterday a long friend of mine sent me a mail, its such a long time since maybe 2 years ago when i left. Well i think this friend of mine is doing fine and i really don't know what to say....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

knowing some new friends

I am been working for 12 hours roster for almost 8 months and i really the shift because i have more time whether then work and work... i get to know this guys call him patrick, well.. he is one of the my style. a person can talk to.. it's been a long time since 1 year and 6 months i haven't really talk to. A person can share with... nice lo
sign out

Monday, June 30, 2008

ZaKum Party

Zakum Party Quest 1 (ZPQ)

It seems alot of people in the guild are hitting level 50. ZPQing is one of the best waysto make money after level 50 since Dead Mine Scrolls sell for around 200k each.

I've decided to write a walkthrough just for us.OverwiewZakum Party Quest (ZPQ) is a bit different than the other party quests. For starters, you dont actually need a party to do it. You just have to be a LEADER of a party (Nobody else has to be in the party however) ZPQ is for level 50+ maplers only.
ZPQ is split into 3 separate stages that you do one after the other. The main objective of doing the pq is to summon Zakum, the most powerful monster in MapleStory.

The stages go as follows.
Stage 1: Retrieving the Fire Ore
Stage 2: Obtaining the Breath Of Lava
Stage 3: Creating the Eye Of Zakum
Final Stage: Summoning Zakum

Stage 1

In this stage you must travel through a maze of tunnels and collect Keys in order to open the Chest that contains the Fire Ore. Additionally, you can collect 30 Documents to gain more EXP and 5 Dead Mine Scrolls upon clearing the stage. Keys are found in Chests and Documents are found in Rocks (with some exceptions)

Chests can be either very awesome or very dangerous. When you destroy a chest, a number of things can happen.

Those things are:
-It will drop a key
-It will drop and Elixer/Power Elixer
-You will be sent back to the main area
-It will spawn three level 60 monsters
-It will do nothing

Each room has a number to it (1 to 15 and 16) each room has a sub room in it. so the sub room to it. each sub room leads into the next (so 4-1 would lead into 4-2 etc.)

Also, rooms 7 and 10 lead to room 16. 16 is the same as the main room only smaller. Below are diagrams of the main room as well as 16.

Below are the locations of every single key and document in Stage 1:

4-2 (rock)
9-2 (chest)
11-1 (chest)
14-1 (chest)
16-2 (chest)
16-3 (chest)
16-5 (rock)

1-1: 1
1-2: 1
2-1: 1
3-1: 1
3-2: 2
4-2: 1
5-1: 1
6-1: 1
7-1: 1
7-2: 2
8-1: 1
9-1: 1
9-2: 2
10-1: 1
10-2: 2
11-1: 1
12-1: 1
13-1: 2
14-1: 1
15-1: 1
16-4: 1
16-5: 1 (chest)
16-6: 1
Main area: 3

After you find 7 keys, you must go to area 16-5 and find the big chest. Drop 7 keys in front of it and wait for it to open. When the chest opens, the keys will dissapear and the Fire Ore will drop out of the chest. Pick it up and go to the main area. It's at this point that you should locate any missing documents before completing the stage as when you collect 30 documents, you will get more EXP and 5 Dead Mine Scrolls for each person. When you have all your items, give them to your leader and hive him/her talk to Aura. She will clear you from the stage and open up the portal next to her. Go through the portal and you will have cleared the stage.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Bike

I came this morning and we have to wait for little angle May to come for breakfast. After adrian and me went to the bicycle shop to look for a bike finally i decicded to buy one for my family members to use. It's cost me $197.90. uncle gave a discount so with $190.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Kenneth have left NTUC to join PSA soon, its hard to believed he really leave maybe he find PSA is more challenging ha.